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Plantar Fasciitis: The At Home Treatment

If you have ever suffered from heel pain or pain in you arch, you've probably had plantar fasciitits. It's really uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and just plain annoying. If you haven't worked with or asked your personal trainer or a physical therapist, you may be inclined to go to the doctor who then refers you to a podiatrist. From there he will give you some things you can do to alleviate the symptoms like stretching your calves; that is until your custom and expensive orthodic insert arrives. Have you started adding up the amount of money this is going to cost? Well you're not done yet, once you're locked in to wearing that insert, you're locked in with this doctor for life and here's why: that insert provides a lift for your heal, further shortening your calf muscles and Achilles tendon (the exact same muscles you were told to stretch in order to relieve the pain) and further perpetuating the plantar's fasciitis! Now take all those copays (if you
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Agility Ability

Now here was a class that really pushed my boundaries!  Taught by Andrew Hanley Although I incorporate agility exercises in to all my client's programs, it's not something I really hone in on because it's more appropriate for athletes, or so I thought. Some of the outcomes you can expect to see are better body control, improved movement, and enhanced decision making abilities. Those are the kinds of goals we can all benefit from! Up until this point, I utilized more Change of Direction methods in my coaching, these are pre-planned changes in direction and/or velocity. In other words, the client knows the task at hand. This is a great starting point but while we want to challenge the body, we also want to challenge the mind and that's where agility drills come in.               Example Change of Direction Exercise : Client steps up on to a box, before they step down, I tell them they will step down and then turn and continue walking to their right. Agility is


The first class on Day 1 of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Optima Conference was a welcome indicator of what was to come. Being my first time at this event, I was not sure what to expect but James Fitzgerald of OPEX Fitness put any concerns to rest. The class was titled "The Case Against High Intensity". It's a great hook for trainers like myself and my husband because we KNOW high intensity training is not the answer, we just don't always have the right words to express it or have the current science and evidence about it. It's funny because I signed up for this class based on what I thought the headline would bring but of course ended up learning so much more! Here's the gist: We need to look at fitness as the "long game" Is this program I've created sustainable for someone to start in their 30's and continue into their 40's, 50's, what about their 80's? Is my client able to perform without compensation,

Why Blog, Why Now?

I could keep sitting here, wasting time, trying to think of ways to start this thing, or I could just start typing! I'll have to go back and jazz this up a bit though, no one's going to read this the way it looks now. Where are the pictures, the videos, the stimulation??? Don't worry, I'll fix it! You'll never know it started with just black text on a white screen. :) Why start a blog? Well, I have a lot of information, ideas, thoughts in my head, like most of you do and I need an outlet to share it. It used to be with my clients in the gyms or studios I've worked at but the last two years I haven't had that and I'm feeling a little deflated, out of practice, unsatisfied. It's going to change, relatively soon! But to get me through to that point (or maybe I'll have a knack for this and just keep going), I'm going to BLOG! I'm going to share my knowledge and wisdom and ideas and experiences with you!  I've always loved how Stephen